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Jan, 2016

Uni yearbooks coming to UHEF early in 2016

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[Posted January 10, 2016] There have been several constants over the more than 90 years of University High School, such as the Administration Building, the spring, and the school yearbook.

You have to visit Uni to see the campus and the spring, But soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the yearbooks without leaving home!

The Uni Hi Education Foundation has undertaken, in concert with the school, the task of having all of the available yearbooks digitized and made available online, on the UHEF.org site.

Once opened, readers will be able to do much more than simply see their yearbook online:

=> Each class year (and yearbook) will have a separate page, on which the yearbook can be viewed, page-by-page, in two-page spread, just as you would view it in print.

=> Readers can also purchase a PDF copy of any yearbook, via download, for a fee. Proceeds from these sales will go back into the yearbook project, to help digitize more years.

=> At the top of each class/yearbook page will be opportunities for sponsorship, and for dedications (there will be a fee for these options), to be shown at the top of the page.

=> Below each yearbook’s page view will be a space for comments – “Class Chatter” – which will allow you to post messages that can be viewed by all readers of that class page. This is a free service that can help to keep class members informed of events, get-togethers, reunions and personal updates!

The first yearbooks to be posted will be 1924 (as Wilson Junior High School, on what became the Harding and Uni site!), 1925, 1926, 1927, 1938, 1942, 1966 and 1967.

These yearbooks will be available online beginning sometime in January 2016. Yearbooks will generally be posted from the older years forward, owing to their aging condition.

Individuals or classes who wish to “jump the line” will be able to do so upon request by pre-payment of the cost of digitizing and presenting their yearbook. Look for more details on this aspect once the first yearbooks are posted.

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