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  • Homecoming: All Dance, No Game

    On October 5, Uni’s Junior Varsity Football team took down Venice with a 40-0 win. Sadly, our varsity Homecoming game was canceled due to rain. Was Hamilton scared off by our JV’s crushing victory the week before?  We will never know as Hamilton is not available for the make-up game. However, the dance must go on, and it did.  School spirit week was kicked off last Monday with college sweatshirt day and a performance by the drill team in The Grove.  By Friday, the gym was decorated with Hollywood Stars honoring […]
  • Uni Beats Rancho Dominguez High School

    Congratulations to our football team on their first win against Rancho Dominguez HS! They turned things around with a decisive win of 53-13.  Highlights: Uni had two interceptions.  Daryl Smith, running back,  scored two back-to-back touchdowns after a flag.  Anthony Smith, wide receiver, scored a touchdown on an 80-yard pass. Congratulations go out to our varsity girls volleyball team, who secured a 3-1 victory over LACES Friday as well.
  • Welcoming Claudia Middleton

    Below you can read the message from Uni’s new principal Claudia Middleton, who was welcomed back to Uni with standing ovation from the staff, most of whom remember her wonderful work during the year she was our assistant principal.  There are even a few staff who remember her from her earlier days working here in the nineties. “It is with great pleasure that I reunite and reintegrate myself into the University High School family.  I have been at Uni for approximately 10 years in my educational career. My initial work […]


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