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Uni Girls Build LA

Last year, Litzy Bautista was talking to a friend who attends Culver City high school and is part of this great program, Girls Build LA.  Girls Build LA is the local chapter of the organization co-chaired by Michelle Obama that challenges public middle and high school girls to make a difference in their communities and to make sure their voices are heard by their elected leaders.  The organization sponsored an event held at the Galen Center this year to help girls pre-register to vote, and Uni was able to send […]

David Cheatom Leads

As the librarian, I must confess I am not as avid a sports fan as the previous (and more skilled) writer of this report.  At some point this year, I began to realize that junior David Cheatom, as one of the three captains of the varsity basketball team, is big man on campus who plays guard and forward for our beloved Coach Ackerman.  From my perch on the third floor of the Administration Building in the library, David was not on my radar as our campus superstar speaks, and this speaks to […]

Erin Garcia, Class of ’88 and Student of Arnie Rubinoff, is a Curator for the California Historical Society

Erin Garcia, Class of ’88, is the managing curator of exhibitions for the California Historical Society, located in San Francisco. During the time that Erin was a student at Uni, she took photography with Arnie Rubinoff all three years. This passion for photography sparked here at Uni continued as she majored in Art History at Berkeley and earned a Master’s degree in Art History from The University in New Mexico with an emphasis on photography. She has recently an amazing exhibit called Boomtowns: How Photography Shaped Los Angeles and San […]


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