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Where the Warriors Are

  As we move towards the 2024-25 school year, which will mark the hundredth anniversary of Uni High, I am going to write a bit about the history this land is on and the people who crossed over it. I begin with my own memories of the eighties and a bit of history about the first people to love our springs and the land it’s on. Through the years, the amount of history different generations learned about our campus ebbed and flowed as society has wended its way around celebrating […]

When the Grove Was a Grove

by Tascha Folsoi Steven Barnhill wrote to inform Uni High that his father, Kenneth Barnhill, from the Spring Class of 1946, had recently passed. In 1953, Kenneth earned his J.D. from Colorado University at Boulder and then joined the Air Force. He went on to be lawyer and ultimately a district court judge. Here is some video of that photo along with some questions for today’s students to contemplate. We received this photo when we returned to school at the end of April. Needless to say, it has been a […]

To be seen or not to be seen? That is the question.

What can I say dear Warriors and Wildcats?  These are strange times.  If you’re like me, you knew something was coming.  You just didn’t know what it was.  Would the effects of climate change finally accelerate like a swimming pool in need of cleaning, slightly cloudy one day and completely opaque the next? Would the rise in homelessness lead to an uprising of people with nothing left to lose against people who have more than they can ever use?  An earthquake? A war on our turf?  A robot takeover?  Who […]


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