Class Reunions & Schedule


[Includes information submitted through April 15, 2018]

June 30, 2018: Class of Winter 1956: 80-year Birthday Party!

  • El Caballero Country Club, Tarzana
  • Information: Ron Cooper (rjcdds22@aol.com) or (323) 798-5454.

August 25, 2018: Class of 1973: 45-year Reunion

  • Del Rey Yacht Club, Marina del Rey
  • Information: Rick Grunauer (rickgrunauer@gmail.com) or visit the Facebook event page here, or the Classmates.com event page here
  • Tickets: All checks must be sent to our Host, Marla Rabin-Greenman, 4712 Admiralty Way #408, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292. Program cost is $85 (for now), including appetizers and a fabulous dinner; there will be a no-host bar. Parking will be $10 upon arrival to the parking attendants.

September 15, 2018: Class of 1978: 40-year Reunion

  • Hollywood & Highland Center, Los Angeles
  • Reservations and tickets: Please contact The Reunion Committee at (661) 259-5999 or visit www.reunioncommittee.com.

September 29, 2018: Class of 1954: 64-year Reunion

October 13, 2018: Class of 1968’s 50-year Reunion

Joyous Class of 1976 Reunion at the Marina City Club

[Posted July 18, 2016] A strong turnout of more than 150 alumni, friends and family turned out for the 40-year reunion of the Uni Class of 1976 on July 9.

uhef web pix-class of 76 reunion C 600x473

Pictured above: Class of ‘76’s Lisa Agay Getz, Karen Morgen Baranick, Dave Baranick, Randy Cahn, Ellen Lanet, and Tally Rutenberg (Photo courtesy Ronnie Sperling/UHEF)

The “Spirit of ‘76″ class – also known as Tomadachi – met at the Marina City Club in Marina del Rey. Reunion chairs Lisa Agay Getz and Leslie Messer Ward hosted a fantastic evening of reminiscing, good food, and memorable music of the ‘70s.

Uni Hi Education Foundation Board members Ronnie Sperling and Jeff Deckman spoke to the guests about what Foundation was all about and the excited group applauded Ronnie’s continued efforts as Uni’s Director of Theatre Arts. There was a lovely tribute created to honor those classmates who had passed.

Said Sperling, “All in all, it was an evening no one will ever forget.” Until the 50th, of course!

Big fun at Class of S ‘54’s “annual” reunion

[Posted November 19, 2015] The class that plays together, stays together!

uhef web pix-class of 54 reunion 400x712

Pictured above: Twenty happy Capries: (back row) Erin (Kavanaugh) Boomer, Jim Wood, Dave Ryan, Marilyn (Webb) Howard, Bob Cohen, Chuck Lichter; (middle row) Janet (Moon) Adams, Nancy (Wheeler) Branch, Pat (Morrison) Newman, Bob Nairin, Don Roth, Pam (Colvey) Najar, Jack Howard; (front row) Michaela (Rayl) Foley, Donna (Ruedy) Hermann, Barbara Taplin, Inez (Roston) Gelfand; Mitzi Kono, Carla (Sampson) Lowe. (Photo courtesy Michaela Foley)

The Class of S ‘54 – Capries – 60-year reunion in 2014 was such a success that it’s now an annual affair. Michaela Foley sent this recap of the “60+1″ reunion weekend:

“We were all anticipating the weekend of October 16-18, 2015, for our 60+1 Class Reunion luncheon this year at the Crowne Plaza LAX as it would be our first Reunion coordinated by email … with a few phone calls to classmates who don’t use email.

“It was to start Friday night with an informal dinner at the hotel for those in town…but, it did not materialize because that was the day of the great mud slides in the Tehachapi Pass that closed the major north-south freeways and diverted all travel to Highway 101. It took some of us 15 hours to make the trip!

“But, we all were alert and eager to greet classmates in the Burgundy Room on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. The registration table was full of wonderful memorabilia from the past 60 years, the tables and room decorations were lovely, and the yummy appetizers and a friendly bartender made for a perfect welcome for the 29 participants.

“Once again, classmates were happy to see large name tags with pictures, and a free drink ticket attached! The menu choices and desserts were excellent and sumptuous. Our afternoon ‘program’ started by our singing our wonderful Class Song telling of our fondness for Uni with its great memories. After that, classmates told of an experience, or circumstance that they acknowledge has had an impact on their lives. Many classes and teachers were mentioned: Miss Mazziotta in Geometry, Mrs. Goodwin in Leadership, Mr. Purnell in Latin, and Coach Pursell.

“Classmates had often stayed in touch with these teachers; one had attended Coach Pursell’s 100th birthday!

“And, we were privileged to have a ‘mystery’ guest speaker: our own Jim Wood, who was celebrating the publishing of his book, ‘What a Trip.’ He entertained us, telling stories of his life and reading delightful passages from the book. Classmates lingered until 4:30 p.m., visiting and taking pictures and talking about what we might do for our 60+2 Reunion next year!

“That evening, a group walked next door to the Sheraton Hotel for an Italian dinner at the Paparazzi Room. Our Sunday activity was a wonderful, and nostalgic, four-hour City Bus Tour of many sites in the West Los Angeles and Hollywood areas that we had known so well over 60 years ago.

“Classmates will soon receive another email letter from the Reunion Committee asking for their thoughts about this Reunion, and ideas for our next Reunion. The Crowne Plaza LAX has been tentatively booked for the same time next year!”

Capries, please note: if you were in the Class of Summer ’54 and were not contacted about this Reunion, please contact Carla Sampson Lowe at (916) 708-4111.

Can’t wait for 2016!

Class of ‘55 celebrates 60 years since Uni days

[Posted October 23, 2015] A hardy contingent of 65 “Grecians” celebrated their 60-year Reunion at The Olympic Collection in West Los Angeles on Saturday evening, October 17.

Pictured above: Grecians Dennis Johnson, Bob Garfield and John Fleischer at their 60-year Reunion on October 17 (Photo courtesy John Fleischer and Dr. Robert Garfield)

Grecians Dennis Johnson, Bob Garfield and John Fleischer at their 60-year Reunion (Photo courtesy John Fleischer and Dr. Robert Garfield)

The attendees from the Summer 1955 class came from as far away as Connecticut, Massachusetts and North Carolina to the east, and Vancouver from the north.

“All had a fabulous and fun time, mostly just trying to recognize each other,” wrote Dr. Bob Garfield, one of the Reunion organizers. “All agreed that now we could stop worrying about dying young!”

The organizing committee was led by Garfield and Lois (Bloch) Golden, with help from Michael Epsteen, Julie (Pressman) Downey, John Fleischer, Larry Fukumoto, Glen Small, Pete (Rodriguez) Rogers, Dave Freeman, Bob Dann and Jim Kurtz.

Although Dr. Garfield indicated that this would be the final “official” reunion of the Grecians, he noted that “There were several well-wishing classmates that for one reason or another were unable to attend, but wanted to be included if another reunion was anticipated in five or ten years.”

Anyone wanting more information is encouraged to contact Dr. Garfield directly at drrobertgarfield@aol.com

Class of ‘54 Reunion Becoming A Permanent Tradition

[Posted January 12, 2015] An unknown 17th Century author first penned the words “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” The Uni Class of 1954 – the Capries – are doing something about it.

The Uni Class of 1954 60-Year Reunion (Photo courtesy Michaela Foley)

The Uni Class of 1954 60-Year Reunion (Photo courtesy Michaela Foley)

Reunion correspondent Michaela Foley’s comprehensive review of the event is a blueprint for classes who want to get together, but haven’t found the right format or formula. The Capries made a weekend out of it.

Highlights: “On October 18, 2014, about 31 classmates and 21 guests gathered at the Crowne Plaza LAX hotel for a weekend together to celebrate ‘Our Real 60th Reunion.’ Last year, we had a great celebration of our ‘Almost 60th,’ and because it was such a success, classmates wanted to get together again this year . . . ‘with more activities and time for visiting.’

“And so we did: dinner Friday evening, our celebratory luncheon Saturday, dinner that night at a nearby Italian restaurant, brunch the next morning, and then on Sunday, a visit back to Uni, and a beautiful and nostalgic afternoon at Santa Monica Pier to complete the weekend.

“Of course, the highlights of the weekend were the luncheon and visit to Uni. The setting for the luncheon was lovely – plenty of space, yet intimate, beautiful flowers on tables of 8, nice menu choices, 50’s music in the background, and a bar in our room! Our program, once again, featured our own classmates. Each of us introduced the classmate to our right, telling where he/she currently lived, then passed the mike to them for their three-minute (with a bell to time us!) ‘chat’ about something of interest in their lives – a special trip or event, a memory of Uni, something accomplished on their ‘bucket list,’ or something yet to do. No one was bored by the comments, and almost every speaker heard the bell ring a couple times!

“About 20 of us traveled to Uni for what was to be a 1½-hour tour . . . we were there 3 hours! “We were warmly greeted by an Alumni representative, a Geometry teacher, and a former Student-Body President. What a fun and memorable afternoon. Everything looked so different, yet in some ways the same. There were impressive science rooms and labs, a large library, and the old Armory is now where the Leadership Class meets! We were sad to see that ‘Serra Springs’ are dry now.

“Lots of ‘do you remember?’ and ‘when we were here’ about our lockers, classrooms, teachers, the gym and auditorium. Our hosts were really interested in ‘how it was 60 years ago,’ especially about the traditions that made each class unique ~ our Class name, colors and emblem that were always announced at our Class Color Day production, presented at a couple of assemblies. Our hosts told us they would really appreciate any of our classmates who might have time and interest in speaking to the Leadership Class and Administration about these traditions to contact them as they are interested in building school and class spirit.

“The Reunion Committee has contacted classmates with known addresses about sending their e-mail addresses to Carla Sampson Lowe (carladlowe@aol.com) if they want to ‘stay in touch’ about future reunions. The same location – Crowne Plaza LAX – has been reserved for Oct. 17, 2015, for a similar luncheon event, and it is likely that each year there will be an opportunity to re-unite and reminisce.”

For a complete photographic retrospective of the Class of ‘54 Reunion, class friend Craig Blank created a comprehensive photo album. On to the 61-year reunion in October!

Class of Winter ‘56 Celebrates With 58-Year Reunion
Attendees of the Class of Winter ‘56 reunion, smiling from the recently-completed Uni amphitheatre, near the Classroom Building. (Photo courtesy Marsha Franks Cohen)

Attendees of the Class of Winter ‘56 reunion, smiling from the recently-completed Uni amphitheatre, near the Classroom Building. (Photo courtesy Marsha Franks Cohen)

[Posted October 1, 2014] You don’t have to wait for 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years to have a reunion! Just ask the Class of Winter ‘56…

Marsha Franks Cohen shared the details of her class’s unique 58-year reunion: “The weekend of September 12-14, 2014 found 35 Unihi alums (plus their guests) from the class of Winter ’56 gathering for their 58th reunion, some coming from as far as Connecticut, New York, Denver, and Washington State.

“On Saturday, September 13th, a group came by school bus, courtesy of [Los Angeles City] Councilman [Mike] Bonin’s office, and enjoyed coffee and bagels while exploring and remember their days as students at Unihi.

“Other weekend activities included a trip to the California Science Museum and the [space shuttle] Endeavour. The committee will be donating the proceeds from the reunion to the Uni Hi Education Foundation and to the Thelma Culverson (a W-56 graduate) Endowment Fund at UCLA.”

Big Crowd at Class of 1974 Reunion
Classmates Steve Kirsch, Jaye-Jo (Portanova) Cooperman, Danny McQuoid, Tim Riddle and Ellen (Kierstein) Bass at the Class of ‘74 reunion on March 29.

Classmates Steve Kirsch, Jaye-Jo (Portanova) Cooperman, Danny McQuoid, Tim Riddle and Ellen (Kierstein) Bass at the Class of ‘74 reunion on March 29.

[Posted August 11, 2014]  The experts will tell you that 40-year class reunions are often small, with some folks retired, others who have passed and without the pull of the 50-year celebration to come.

But the Uni class of 1974 continued its tradition of cohesion with an overflow crowd of 182 classmates, spouses and friends at its 40-year reunion held March 29 at Mountaingate Country Club in Los Angeles.

Although many in the class have stayed local, ‘74 cross country captain Danny McQuoid earned the prize for coming the furthest, all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil for the event.

Beyond the normal chatter, dinner and dancing, attendees were entertained by a stand-up comedy performance by Larry Jacobson, a long-time writer for “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno.” In addition, some members of the class offered prizes in a raffle which raised funds for the Uni Theatre Arts Department:

  • Tina Ito Rosenberg, offered shooting lessons at her Southern California range;
  • A Xeomin treatment (a Botox-like neuro-relaxer) from Dr. David M. Duffy, father of Class of 1974 grads Lisa Duffy Atkin and David Duffy;
  • Lisa Stalvy of Malibu Catering, a highly-decorated chef, offered an in-home catered dinner;
  • Peggy Rosenbloom Curry, founder of Kitchen Blessings, offered a kitchen remodel to help incorporate healthy eating in busy lives;
  • And a two-room weekend stay at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, courtesy of Bill Doak.

Widely-known alums of the class of 1974 who attended the evening included, among others, choreographer Danny Ezralow, who was one of the architects of the performance sequences of the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Russia; Steve Kirsch, inventor of the optical computer mouse, FrameMaker publishing software and founder of the Infoseek search engine, and Jim Moret, long-time television anchor and legal analyst for CNN, Entertainment Tonight and other shows.

The Challenge is on!

All of us are aware of the difficulties facing students and teachers in public schools today. The media is filled with data about decreases in funding for education and state and national budget issues. It is abundantly clear that public education needs private philanthropic support if it is to compete successfully with the growing number of private institutions and to cope with the challenges of diminished State support. LAUSD has no way to disburse donated funds to an individual school.

In 1985, the Uni High Education Foundation was established to address that issue. All funds that come to the UHEF go directly to Uni. None of it goes through the District.

For many years, UHEF has raised funds primarily through membership and the newsletter. An ambitious new campaign will initiate the model for on-going support through reunion giving. This is a challenge to all classes celebrating reunions, particularly upcoming Golden Anniversary reunions. As each of you plans to celebrate your reunion, include giving back to Uni. This way class reunions can not only be fun, but also become a more meaningful event.

Your experience at Uni was more than racing up the steps to get to class on time before the bell rang. Your education at Uni laid the groundwork for lifelong success. Help carry on the tradition of great public education that University High School has provided for all of its graduates. Meet the challenge in your own way, but meet the challenge.