Frequently Asked Questions

Although the Uni Hi Education Foundation’s primary function is to raise money to support student programs at University High School, we also get a lot of questions. Among the most common are the following, with answers provided for your convenience:

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Warriors to Wildcats:
“Uni was the ‘Warriors’ when I went to school. What happened?”

This is the most frequent inquiry we get. In short, the Los Angeles Unified School District required Uni to change its name. The details are here.

Uni and UHEF News:
You can keep up with what’s going on at Uni and the UHEF in multiple ways! Check in at UHEF.org frequently for updates, or you can receive your news directly.

  • The UHEF Warriors & Wildcats Report is a free, semi-monthly update sent by e-mail. You can subscribe simply by entering your information here.
  • The UHEF Annual Newsletter is a printed publication which recaps the highlights of each year and is distributed in the fall. You can receive it if the UHEF has your physical address and all donors receive a copy. You can sign up to be a UHEF member for just $10 or more here!

As a service to alumni, we post a list of reunions for which we have details. The UHEF is able to help class reunion committees (or individuals trying to form a committee) with contact information for classmates from our database of 14,000 names. Please contact UHEF co-President Ivan Finkle for more information at Connect@UHEF.org!

Hall of Fame:
No, Uni does not have a formalized “Hall of Fame.” However, more than two dozen Uni grads are already included in the new Los Angeles Unified School District’s Alumni History Project. The project details, a nomination form and short biographies about those selected can be found here.

We have received a number of inquiries about how one can obtain a copy of an old diploma or a proof of graduation. We have the answers (we think):

  • If you graduated within the past 10 years, call the Registrar’s Office at Uni directly, and they can help you. Uni’s telephone number is (310) 914-3500.
  • If you graduated before 2006, here’s the link to the LAUSD Web page which includes instructions on how to obtain your records: http://achieve.lausd.net/transcripts . Please read the requirements carefully!

Class names and yearbooks:
Class names were a common feature of Uni life from its beginning through 1981, but stopped after that point. A list of class names, compiled by UHEF co-President Judy Wolfenstein, is available here.

The UHEF has undertaken the task of digitizing all of Uni’s yearbooks, starting from 1923-24 when it was known as Wilson Junior High School! These are presented on this site, and can be sponsored by class members!

Affinity contributions:
You can contribute to Uni by linking your purchases on Amazon.com or at Ralphs to their community contribution programs!

  • Amazon.com:

Your purchases on Amazon.com can help Uni! Just go to the UHEF.org Donate Now page, scroll down and click on the Amazon logo to go to Amazon.com and your purchase will be credited toward rebates which go to support the school!

  • Ralphs:

Use your Ralphs Rewards Card. Via its Community Contribution program, from 1-4% of monthly purchases made by members is sent to Uni, but by designating the school by linking it to your Rewards Card.

Have your card in hand (you’ll need the number on the back), go to the Ralphs Community Contribution page and either register or sign in; Uni’s code for the Ralphs program is 93275.


If you have another question you’d like added to this list, let us know via Connect@UHEF.org!