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Apr, 2017

Uni Health & Fitness Fair coming April 27: You are invited!

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[Posted Apr. 4, 2017] Uni’s unique health and international foods program will be showcased during the school’s Open House on Thursday, April 27 with its ninth annual Health & Fitness Fair.

Organized by irrepressible teacher Kerri Eich, the showcase will be open from 5-7 p.m. on campus. “In my class, we rotate students through 14 different jobs that support our weekly healthy meal preparation. Every student manages their own garden plot where they cultivate food and learn about nutrition and the health benefits of food. Every year our class organizes a health and fitness fair in partnership with other classes and health advocates from our community.” The Fair will be located in the East Gym in the center of campus.

If you’re involved with a community organization that would like to participate in the program, you’ve invited to contact Kerri (click here). If you are interested in a sponsorship of the Health and Fitness Fair, click here. Don’t be shy!


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