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Mar, 2018

Uni graduation was a magnet for stars in the studio-system days

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[Posted March 25, 2018] No end to the comments about celebrities who went to Uni, especially during the heyday of the Hollywood studio system, when Uni was often the preferred high school for graduation of studio-taught, contract-player teenagers.

Louise (Kosches) Iscoe ‘46 sent a note to us and remembered:

“After so many years (1946), I have fun looking back on Uni and reading your newsletter. When I read about the stars who attended graduation, I thought about my graduation. One day, at a rehearsal, the door opened and six young starlets and one boy walked in. I have no idea about the young ladies, as far as I know never heard of again. But the boy, known at the time and for many years afterward, was Roddy McDowall. We real graduates were quite incensed that at the graduation ceremony, he got the greatest applause.”

It wasn’t the last time!

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