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Jul, 2015

Thanks to our April, May and June contributors!

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[Posted July 30, 2015] The mission of the Uni Hi Education Foundation is to raise funds for the continued support of Uni’s academic, athletic and performing arts programs.

Created in 1985 to counter the effects on Uni of budget cuts across the L.A. Unified School District, nearly $600,000 has been raised to assist faculty and students. Anyone can contribute: 103-year-old Hal Cunningham, who attended the school when it was known as Warren G. Harding High, joined the ranks of donors in 2014!

We salute and thank our 35 contributors from the second quarter of 2015; contributors are listed by class, in alphabetical order of family names:

Beverly Youngberg Williams, S ’42

John L. Petty, W ‘50
Peter S. Walters, S ‘52
Jacqueline Johnson Andrews, S ‘53
Joan Arnold Bailey, S ‘53
Edward M. Bolke, S ‘53
Catherine L. Koke Gebhart, S ‘54
Charles Lichter, S ‘54
Joseph L. Green, W ‘55
Philip Flanders, S ‘56
Mary L. Grubb Grimes, S ‘56
Carl W. Cooper, S ‘57

Donald & Kathy Grandi, W ‘61
Carole Knaul Williams, S ‘66

Ken E. Ashton, S ‘75
Grace Ortasse Mitnick, S ‘75
Class of 1985
Russell Baum, Jr., S ‘85
Dana Brown, S ‘85
Lorenzo Cates, S ‘85
Karen Cox-Dennis, S ‘85
Diana Hoffman, S ‘85
Jefferson A. Kane, S ‘85
Jack Lippman, S ‘85
Sharon Smason McLashley, S ‘85
Adrienne Port, S ‘85
Douglas Shellow, S ‘85
Eric Smith, S ‘85
Joyce Stout, S ‘85
Michael Ullman, S ‘85
Heather Welch, S ‘85
Amir Yariv, S ‘85

Mica Koizumi, S ‘90

R. Dennis Bates, no year given
Lawrence Booth, no year given

Thank you.

Any amount is helpful; find out how to donate directly to the Foundation by clicking here!


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