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Jun, 2018

Summer vacation: We have 566 books donated to the Uni library!

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[Posted June 27, 2018] School is out and Uni’s book donation program is taking a short break for the summer!

Easily one of the best success stories for the Uni Hi Education Foundation over the past couple of years has been the library donation program which began in December of 2016.

No one expected that a stunning 566 new books have been sent in by generous alumni and friends. And a new list of books will be posted once school comes back into session in August.

Uni librarian Tascha Folsoi ‘86 – and a donor herself – notes, “It is my personal opinion that the many alumni who have helped to keep the library going with their generous donations are playing their own role in making Uni a successful school. If you do not see your name mentioned here, please email me at tascha.folsoi@gmail.com, so I can celebrate your contribution here and in the book plates we affix to the books as well as enter your donation in our records.”

Through the end of the 2017-18 school year, donations have been made by a total of 41 donors who have self-identified and many more who wish to remain anonymous. Special thanks to Ruth Roberts, who has personally donated more than 200 books! We now have donors from the 1940s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, and even one from a future graduate:

Steven Adams ‘60
Michael Alcalay ‘80
Geraldine Armstrong ‘59
Marilyn Bendik Sachs W ‘69
Diane Roseman Cherniss ‘63
Robert Collins ‘63
Alvaro Cortes ‘70
Jeff Deckman ‘76
Ivan Finkle ‘50
Barbara Wong Franklin ‘68
Sukey (Roth) Garcetti ‘57
Connor Gilmore 2022
Kelly Gilmore ‘86
Carl Hagge ‘53
Natalie Hatch ‘59
Penny Hutchinson ‘57
Jean Kent ‘62
Jay Kholos ‘58
Judy Kleinberg ‘65
Erik Levin ‘77
Kay Mader ‘59
Harold Martin
Bill Parten ‘41
Rich Perelman ‘74
Dr. Dawn River Harris ‘89
Ruth Albert Roberts ‘64
Roger Schrag ‘83
Lori and Richard Schwartz, MD
Vivienne Sinclair ‘50
Alex Solodovkinov ‘58
John Statham W ‘68
Tracy Thayer Ireland ‘70
Larry ‘59 and Jean Tistaert
Dale Tyerman ‘68
Susan (Holyoke) Webb W ‘58
Les Whittaker W ‘56
Judy Wolfenstein
Barry K. Woods ‘67
Josh Woods ‘89
Kevin Young ‘75
Joseph Zukin, Jr. ‘43

The program uses Amazon’s “Wish List” function. Anyone can go to the list (here), purchase one or more books and they will be sent to Uni directly within two business days.

The “University Senior High Library” Wish List enjoys Amazon Prime status thanks to Folsoi, so that you (as the purchaser) do not have to be an Amazon Prime member to buy any of the books!

Folsoi asks for help if you buy a book: “I think it would be better if we also asked people to email me their name and grad year along with items purchased, so I can email them back with the tax I.D. number and also remove the items from the list.” You can contact her at tascha.folsoi@gmail.com. Yes, your book purchase is a charitable donation!

All purchasers of books for the library are permanently recognized with a donor plate on the inside front cover of each donated book. Ready to help? The link to the Wish List is here.

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