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May, 2018

Sensational, near-capacity run for “Grease!” at Stivelman

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[Posted May 1, 2018] Four shows and four near-capacity crowds filled Stivelman Theater for the third-ever Uni production of Grease! from April 18-21.

“This record-breaking audiences and an extremely high energy cast made this production of Grease! a truly memorable experience for all,” said Ronnie Sperling ‘76, Uni’s Theatre Arts director.

“The icing on the cake was when original Broadway Frenchy, Mews Small, paid us a visit. I think we brought her to tears and she brought us to tears.

“Thanks to UHEF and our incredible teen cast, crew, and live band.

“Every Director should be so lucky to have this talented Theatre Family by your side: Lindsey Lorenz, Kahlil Sabbagh, Suzanne Wakefield, Glen Alexander Howes, John Ong, Joshua Meltzer, Tim J. Borquez, Michael B Kamenir, and Sandee Yamamoto.”

And let’s not forget that cast:

  • Eugene Florczyk, played by Allen Tehrani
  • Miss Lynch: Akila McKenzie
  • Patty Simcox: Heidi Laubach
  • Danny Zuko: Justin Javedanfar
  • Sandy Dumbrowski: Claire Hafteck
  • Betty Rizzo: Jasmine Mentzer
  • Frenchy: Roscoe Upton
  • Marty: Akira Shelton
  • Jan: Maribel Solis
  • Doody: Nathan Lam
  • Kenickie: Cole Kelley
  • Sonny LaTierri: Ethan Serrano
  • Roger: Kevin Flores-Luna
  • Johnny Casino/Teen Angel: Guillermo Hercules
  • Vince Fontaine: Vic Brown
  • Cha-Cha DiGregorio: Odina Cabrera
  • It’s Raining on Prom Night Radio Star: Sarai Benitez
  • The Pink Ladies: Jennifer Alvarez, Sarai Benitez, Amber Durham, Nuhamin Fekade, Lucie Hafteck, Stephanie Marroquin, Alexah Moller, Karla Ponce, Monica Solano.
  • The Burger Palace Boys: Cristian Benitez, Jorge Manzo, Giovanni Molinaro, Gerson Orellana, Jonathan Orellana.

This 2018 edition was the 25-year anniversary of the first campus production – back in 1993 – and again in 2009. The show was supported by a grant from the Uni Hi Education Foundation and UCLA’s Beyond the Bell program.

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