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When the Grove Was a Grove

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by Tascha Folsoi

Steven Barnhill wrote to inform Uni High that his father, Kenneth Barnhill, from the Spring Class of 1946, had recently passed. In 1953, Kenneth earned his J.D. from Colorado University at Boulder and then joined the Air Force. He went on to be lawyer and ultimately a district court judge. Here is some video of that photo along with some questions for today’s students to contemplate. We received this photo when we returned to school at the end of April.

Needless to say, it has been a difficult time as we face challenges we’ve never faced before with solutions we couldn’t have imagined implementing even a decade ago. To be sure, there has been great suffering in this time. Our students and staff have lost family members, struggled with economic insecurity, and have witnessed great social upheaval. Teachers and staff have worked and continue to provide the best education possible under these circumstances. While many students have suffered being away from peers and teachers (I know I have my own at home who have really struggled), others have worked hard, embraced new hobbies, and taken the time away from others to build upon their self-concepts by finding themselves rather than by trying to please others.

This video of our remote open house (produced directed by our wonderful Magnet Coordinator, Mariana Kayichian) last week speaks to just how amazing our students are. A few incredible speakers were not recorded at the beginning. However, there are many more. I would like to draw your attention to our featured speaker, an amazing ninth grader named Olivia, at about an hour and one minute in. If our future is in the hands of these Wildcats, we are in great shape.

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