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Jun, 2018

Senior Awards Day: Uni recognizes Seniors & UHEF awards 4 scholarships

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[Posted June 5, 2018] Uni’s annual evening of senior honors took place on May 23, with awards distributed by 25 departments and scholarships and special-recognition awards made to multiple outstanding students.

Included in this program were four awards provided by, or coordinated through, the Uni Hi Education Foundation. These included:

  • UHEF Community Service Award, to a senior who has shown exceptional dedication to community service during their tenure at Uni, awarded this year to Chris Park. He wrote movingly about his experiences at the South L.A. Animal Shelter and informing the Student Advocacy Club on campus. He will be attending UC San Diego in the fall.
  • Sharon Mednick Memorial Scholarship, created by a bequest from the late Uni counselor and awarded to a senior interested in a career in education. Alexa Pascual is this year’s recipient; she overcame a traumatic bullying incident to later become Student Body President, and attending Western Justice Invitationals to help bring attention to the problem of bullying. She will also attend UC San Diego.
  • Jack Moskowitz Principal’s Award, created in honor of the Uni principal who helped found the UHEF, and selected by current Uni principal Eric Davidson, honoring exceptional achievement and service to the school. This year’s recipients are Cameron Rogers and Kingsley Onwudiwe.

For 2018, the Coach Richard Kampmann Memorial Scholarship was presented for the first time, in honor of Uni’s greatest coach, who passed away last year. Nominated by Uni’s head cross country and track & field coach Kelly Aguda and presented by Coach Kampmann’s son, Bill Stimming, the first recipient is Jack Koscheka (Stimming and Koscheka are pictured above).

Noted Aguda, “He ran track and cross country for four years. He was captain of Cross Country in his senior year. He never missed a day of practice, and was always the first guy there. Always encourages others, never a derogatory word. He moved to varsity for Cross Country his freshman year for City Finals. He had over a 4.0 grade-point average.”

The full list of awards presented to Uni’s seniors:

Thelma Culverson Scholarship:
Vineeta Singh

Violeta Ponce Memorial Scholarship:
Deborah Archila Espinoza

Philip Wong Memorial Scholarship:
Cameron Breakfield

California Credit Union 2018 Scholarship:
Stacy Aka

Blaze Pernstein Memorial Scholarships:
Vineeta Singh ~ Chris Park ~ Cynthia Jacinto

United Talent Agency Literary Scholarship:
Ruby Won ~ Cynthia Jacinot ~ Mae Wang

LAUSD Employee-Sponsored 2018 Scholarship:
Nancy Rivas

Special Recognition Awards:
Council of Black Administrators (COBA) Scholarship:
Stacy Aka

Dr. Lawrence H. Moore Human Relations Scholarship:
Elijah Amirianfar

National Merit Scholarship Commendation:
Lawrence Kim

National Hispanic Recognition Program:
Robert Sandoval

U.S. Figure Skating Recognition:
Hannah Schoenberg

Posse Scholarship:
Sankofa Brown ~ Gomez Sandoval

2018 PGA Scholarship:
Kara Temena

Department Awards:
Academic Achievement:
=> Plaque: Jessie Hernandez-Luis
=> Certificate: Mikai Mitchell

=> Plaque: Krystal Gonzalez
=> Certificate: Rose Upton

Art: Three Dimensional:
=> Plaque: Yesenia Rosario Morales
=> Certificate: Yessica Hernandez Lopez

Art: Two Dimensional:
=> Plaque: Mae Wang
=> Certificate: Claire Hafteck

Attendance (4 years):
=> Yareli Garcia ~ Manuel Diaz ~ Abrham Eshetu ~ Irwin Morales ~ Kingsley Onwudiwe ~ Arash Barmaan ~ Annelise Robles Lucero ~ Isaac Shin ~ Joshua Shin

Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID):
=> Plaque: Alexandria Parker
=> Certificate: Noemi Sanchez

Communication Arts:
=> Plaque: Brisa Cruz
=> Certificate: Allan Tehrani

Educational Achievement:
=> Plaque: Yesenia Rosario Morales
=> Certificate: Lenny Fabian-Lopez

=> Plaque: Yareli Garcia
=> Certificate: Jasmine Hernandez

English Language Development:
=> Plaque: Ilya Nedelko
=> Certificate: Yatzeen Arias

Graphic Arts:
=> Plaque: Akila McKenzie
=> Certificate: Brennan Malespin

=> Plaque: Julie (Yoo Bin) Lee
=> Certificate: Jonathan Becerra

=> Plaque: Steven Pineda
=> Certificate: Brisa Cruz

Magnet School Leadership Award:
=> Plaque: Deb. Archila Espinoza
=> Certificate: Rhani Kahn

=> Plaque: Unduwap Kandage Don
=> Certificate: Robert Gomez Sandoval

Most Outstanding Female Athlete:
=> Valeria Armijo Carias

Most Outstanding Male Athlete:
=> Jack Koscheka

Peer Mediation:
=> Plaque: Sarai Benitez
=> Certificate: Nicolette Greif

Performing Arts/Instrumental Music:
=> Plaque: Sarai Benitez
=> Certificate: Monica Solano

Performing Arts/Vocal Music:
=> Plaque: Jasmine Mentzer
=> Certificate: Cameron Rogers

=> Plaque: Cache Cummings
=> Certificate: Xiaodong Xhou

Social Studies:
=> Plaque: Ellen Lhee
=> Certificate: Vineeta Singh

Theater Arts:
=> Plaque: Claire Hafteck
=> Certificate: Allan Tehrani

World Languages:
=> Plaque: Krystal Gonzalez
=> Certificate: Deborah Archila

=> Plaque: Anna Mendoza
=> Certificate: Julian Velasco

=> Vineeta Singh

=> Mae Wang

Congratulations to all of these outstanding seniors!

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