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Jan, 2016

Painless ways to help Uni in 2016!

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[Posted January 2, 2016] With the start of a new year, how about taking a few minutes to help Uni by making your purchases go a little further! Here’s how:

Use your Ralphs Rewards Card:
One of the easiest ways to donate to Uni is via the Ralphs Rewards Card. As part of its Community Contribution program, from 1-4% of monthly purchases made by members is sent to Uni, but only if you designate the school by linking it to your Rewards Card.

Have your card handy (you’ll need the number on the back), go to the Ralphs Community Contribution page and either register or sign in (questions answered here); Uni’s code for the Ralphs program is 93275.

Make your Amazon purchases through Uni:
Amazon.com has a rebate program for purchases made via a link on the University High School or UHEF Web sites!

Just go to the UHEF.org “Donate Now” page, s-c-r-o-l-l d-o-w-n the page and click on the link to go to Amazon.com and your purchase will be credited toward rebates which go to support Uni!

Put your name on display at Uni:
The Uni Hi Education Foundation exists to raise money to support the instructional programming at University High School. A new LAUSD policy allows on-campus signage to be available to recognize donations which assist the educational program.

Interested for yourself or your company? Send us a note and we’ll help to get the ball rolling with options and a direct contact with the school administration.

Thanks for thinking of Uni in 2016, to make it a better place for students and for the community.

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