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Mar, 2018

More on that famous ‘58 Grad Night Party!

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[Posted March 10, 2018] Someone has got to do a book or documentary on the Class of ‘58 graduation and grad night party … you know, that one with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr.?

Ted Tanaka wrote in with more on the amazing celebration of a class which included Frank’s daughter, Nancy Sinatra:

“I was there, invited by S’58 Elsie Tominaga. I was a Uni Imperials of W’57, only about 165 in the class. Pali Hi site grounds were just starting to be leveled before opening in ’61.

“I clearly remember the Miramar large stage with the full orchestra in the background. Front & center with the mike was headliner, Nancy’s dad Frank. After he led off, he surprised the audience by introducing Sammy Davis, Jr. They sang some duets and then Sammy by himself did his famous tunes, dancing & stand-up humor. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and incredible memories for the Warriors. I still frequently drive past Uni today – Westgate & Texas Ave. – from my Palisades home for the past 45-years and (also) into Sawtelle Japantown.”



One thought on “More on that famous ‘58 Grad Night Party!

  1. Jeanie Price Jacques

    That orchestra was none other than Nelson Riddle! I was there, too, of course, as I was a graduate. Does anyone know if the proposed multi-class reunion happened on March 12, 2018? I’ve just wandered on to this page for the first time, wondering about a reunion of the class of 1958, and will be soooo disappointed to hear that I missed it!


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