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Jun, 2016

Graduation Ceremonies held for the Class of 2016

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[Posted June 10, 2016] A festive commencement ceremony was held for 378 members of the Class of 2016 on June 10, on the field at Kampmann Stadium.

Uni Principal Eric Davidson saluted the graduates with the following address:

“Families, friends, and members of the Class of 2016:

“We can change the world. It won’t be one or some of you that will make the change. It will take all of us to heal the disease of complacency that infects us all. No matter the color of our skin, the language of our home, the size of our bank account, or the limits of our intellect, it will take all of us to take the necessary actions.

“The bad news is the complexity of the problems that confront us appear to be so insurmountable that no human effort can overcome the decay of our environment or our society. The good news is our collective capacity to innovate and create can surprise even our greatest naysayers.

Uni Principal Eric Davidson

Uni Principal Eric Davidson

“I believe in our humanness, our curiosity and our faith, in our ability to be kind to those in greatest need, our strength in numbers, our resolve to do the right thing when it is in opposition to doing things right, our persistence against injustice, our questioning of authority, our engagement in democratic processes, our tolerance of difference, our forgiveness to those who treat us with disrespect, our delight in discovery, and our love of family.

“I believe in you, in the causes you will fight for, in your dissent of the things that need to be questioned, in the light of your smile, in the trust you have in one another, in the happiness you hold in your heart that you will share with the less fortunate among us, and the time you will take to find joy in your own life.

“Students, take a moment and say thank you for the love your families have for you. Parents, tell your graduate they are welcome. I will say, please be excellent to each other and sorry if we have not given our best.

“The pride I feel in this moment will soon be replaced by a sense of loss I will have once you are gone. You will always be in my heart and the memories we have created in our time together will be remembered for the rest of my life.

“Bon voyage. Vaya con Dios, Live long and prosper, Class of 2016.”

Congratulations and good luck to every member of Uni’s graduating class!

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