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Aug, 2014

Class of ‘74 Donates to Uni Theatre Arts Program

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[Posted August 25, 2014] A revitalized theatre arts program at Uni will benefit from an unexpected donation from the Class of 1974 reunion held last March.

Pictured above: An ecstatic Ronnie Sperling ‘76, director of Uni’s Theatre Arts programs, accepts the Class of ‘74 donation from Rich Perelman and Lisa Duffy Atkin. (Photo courtesy UHEF)

The Chenoa Class organizers decided quite late to add a raffle to the reunion, selling tickets on-site to enter a drawing for items offered by class members: shooting lessons, a celebrity-chef-cooked dinner, kitchen makeover and so on.

With Ronnie Sperling of the Class of ‘76 now in charge of Uni’s Theatre Arts efforts, it was an easy choice to support someone that Chenoa Class members remembered as a 10th grader!

With some after-the-reunion donations added to the cause, a total of $1,074 was raised. The formal turnover came at a summer meeting of the Uni Hi Education Foundation, where Sperling accepted the gift. The Foundation was the actual recipient of the money, and will support Uni’s Theatre Arts programming for this school year with the gift.

“This is an unexpected and welcome gift,” said Sperling. “It’s especially meaningful since I had so many friends in that class. I know they’ll be happy to know they’re supporting Uni in such an important way.”

The UHEF is well positioned to be the gateway for such gifts from future reunions, as the Foundation annually supports academic infrastructure projects, athletics, theatre arts and awards scholarships. For more on projects already funded, and in the planning stages, click on the “Our Projects” link above.


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