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Aug, 2018

Alumni Inspire Researchers of the Future

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Uni Beats the International Pass Rate for A.P. Seminar

Uni’s first crop of Advanced Placement researchers returned from a summer of preparing for our new A.P. Research class.  Last year all of these students completed the pre-requisite year-long course, A.P. Seminar, in which they explored assigned topics through a variety of lenses.  Led by their teacher, Nancy Phear, Uni students beat students internationally with a pass rate of 87%, surpassing the international pass rate of 82.2%.  Students from all over the world in American Schools and Department of Justice schools take these courses to enter college a step ahead of other freshmen.

Thanks to generous alumni, students were able to check out books over the summer to explore different topics as they prepare for the second year of this course in order to narrow down what they will research over the course of this year.  Students are currently exploring gaps in existing research in order to design original research.

Many other students have returned with book requests, which have been posted on the list.  We are excited to be able to provide the books they really want to read.

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