UHEF Presents the Warriors & Wildcats Activity Card

Blast from the past: an alumni version of the Uni “WAC card”!

Get Your 2016-17 Warriors & Wildcats Activity Card

Remember the old Uni “WAC Card”? For many years the “Warrior Activity Card” and later the “Wildcat Activity Card,” it provided student purchasers with free admission to Uni athletic and performing arts events. So why not have one for alumni?


Now we do!


The new UHEF “Warriors & Wildcats Activity Card” is now available for donations of $99 and above. All donors of that amount or more will receive a WWAC card of your very own, which will allow free admission to all home athletic contests (regular-season only) and performing arts events.


So if you’d like to attend the Homecoming football game, or take in the latest performance at the Stivelman Theatre, forget about tickets. Just show your Warriors & Wildcats Activity Card and walk right in!


From a tax standpoint, the purchase of a WWAC is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution to the extent that it is not used for admissions to events. Please consult your tax advisor for further details.


If you’d like to be the first on your block to get a card, fill out the donation form, contribute $99 or more and watch your mailbox. We’ll get your card out right away!

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