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Aug, 2017

Uni Principal Eric Davidson: Our Students Need Your Help

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[Posted August 15, 2017] As the 2017-18 school year begins, Uni principal Eric Davidson spoke for the entire faculty and staff at Uni with this short commentary on what Uni and its students face in today’s educational and societal environment as we begin the school year:

“The youth of today are in survival mode. The competition is greater than it has ever been and society has been giving trophies to everyone who participates for far too long. It’s not enough to participate anymore and we have to make sure we are preparing students to vie against a greater number of capable competitors.

“This cannot be the work of school staff and current parents alone. The Uni nation has to come to our aide. Public education is free – great public education costs a little more. The three resources schools use are human, financial, and time. Volunteering for events at the school is a great chance to give back to the school. We have Career Day, College Awareness Night, and guest speaker opportunities. Mentorship has proven to be an excellent support for some of our students who need additional guidance.

“We also have fundraising opportunities that support the programs that give our students the ‘boost’ they need to compete. From theater arts to speech and debate, from the health and fitness program to facility improvements, from our on-going need of updated technology to scholarships for our college bound youth – all these things continue to make Uni great.

“Whether Warriors or Wildcats, we are Uni. Unified and unique. When students step through our doors each year, they have no idea about the history and traditions of the school. When they walk the stage at the end of four years, they know what it is to be family.”

The UHEF is here to help. We are the designated organization, authorized by University High School, to raise funds and support Uni. Since its formation in 1985, more than $1.1 million has been raised and nearly all of it has gone to support Uni students, program and even faculty stipends when the Los Angeles Unified School District was not able to do so.

We’re happy to connect to Uni in any number of ways; just let us know how we can help you help Uni, now beginning its 93rd year as a Los Angeles public high school. Contact us directly at Connect@UHEF.org.


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