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Nov, 2016

Uni featured in new Walgreens commercial “Just Retired”

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[Posted November 25, 2016] Have you seen the Walgreens “Just Retired” commercial, where a teacher exits her classroom, sprays her papers all over the place and then heads to Walgreens to get a prescription on her road to retirement?

If the background looks a little familiar, it should: the school scenes were shot at Uni!

In fact, the school is a popular location for film shoots, mostly for commercials, but also for television shows. Of course, Uni was also famously the background for the 1971 mystery movie “Pretty Maids All in a Row,” where the school was made over as “Oceanfront High School” and Uni students were used as extras!

The filming fees collected from production programs go directly to the Student Body fund to help support student activities.

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