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This past year the UHEF made the following allocations to support the University High School community, totaling $32,007 plus newsletter production and mailing. The College Advisor – $17,100 to cover health insurance. The LAUSD agreed to pay her salary as a professional expert, not a contract employee, and would not cover benefits. We are delighted that we could help so many of Uni’s students. Fortunately, her position became full-time for the new school year so we will not have to cover her benefits in the coming year. Counselor’s Office – […]


Annual All-Alumni Event Morphs to the Links in 2014

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The UHEF has sponsored an annual all-alumni picnic and car show at the end of September for many years. For those who came to the events it was fun seeing old friends and meeting some of the wonderful students who are at Uni today. Currently, however, Uni is under construction all over campus. For this reason, Uni cannot safely host the all-alumni event on campus this year. The UHEF has been very happy to have this annual event. With the modernization and upgrades occurring on campus, we hope to plan […]


The Challenge is On! Class of 1965 Raises the Stakes!

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All of us are aware of the difficulties facing students and teachers in public schools today. The media is filled with data about decreases in funding for education and state and national budget issues. It is abundantly clear that public education needs private philanthropic support if it is to compete successfully with the growing number of private institutions and to cope with the challenges of diminished State support. LAUSD has no way to disburse donated funds to an individual school. In 1985, the Uni High Education Foundation was established to […]