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The Challenge is On! Class of 1965 Raises the Stakes!

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All of us are aware of the difficulties facing students and teachers in public schools today. The media is filled with data about decreases in funding for education and state and national budget issues. It is abundantly clear that public education needs private philanthropic support if it is to compete successfully with the growing number of private institutions and to cope with the challenges of diminished State support.

LAUSD has no way to disburse donated funds to an individual school. In 1985, the Uni High Education Foundation was established to address that issue. All funds that come to the UHEF go directly to Uni. None of it goes through the District.

Members of the ARTESIANS and PELEANS, the Classes of 1965, have brought a challenge to all their classmates: mark the 50th anniversary of graduation with a significant class gift. They believe that their classes can reach a goal of $1,000,000! To kick off the reunion fundraising drive, one class member has already pledged $50,000! This is an exciting campaign. The Class of 1965 had about 1,000 members, and the committee is seeking to enlist more ’65 classmates to make the effort a complete success. Please link to UniHi65.com to start your active support.

Certainly, the goal set by the class of ’65 is high, but the time is ripe and the community is ready. For many years, UHEF has raised funds primarily through membership and the newsletter. This ambitious new campaign will initiate the model for on-going support through reunion giving. This is a challenge to allclasses celebrating reunions, particularly upcoming Golden Anniversary reunions. As each of you plans to celebrate your reunion, include giving back to Uni. This way class reunions can not only be fun, but also become a more meaningful event.

Your experience at Uni was more than racing up the steps to get to class on time before the bell rang. Your education at Uni laid the groundwork for lifelong success. Help carry on the tradition of great public education that University High School has provided for all of its graduates. Meet the challenge in your own way, but meet the challenge.

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