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Aug, 2015

Ralphs Shoppers: Donate to Uni via Your Rewards Card!

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[Posted August 24, 2015] One of the easiest ways to donate to Uni directly is via the Ralphs Rewards Card.

As part of its Community Contribution program, up to 4% of monthly purchases made by Ralphs Rewards Card members is sent to Uni, but only if you designate the school by linking it to your Rewards Card.

It’s pretty easy:

  • The program is only for Ralphs Rewards Card members, so be sure you have a card (you can enroll online or get one for free at any store).
  • Have your card handy (you’ll need the number on the back) and visit the Ralphs Community Contribution page. Click on the “Enroll Now” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Set up your account (you have to give your address so Ralphs can send you coupons) and then designate University High School as your non-profit of choice. Uni’s organization code for the Ralphs program is 93275.

That’s it! Ralphs, the largest grocery chain in the West, will donate about $2 million annually to this program, so why not assure Uni of a share!

Members must swipe their registered Ralphs Rewards Card or use the phone number that is linked to their card when shopping for each purchase to count. But it’s about the easiest way you can donate to Uni while buying things you’re going to need anyway!

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