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Jan, 2015

Class of ‘54 Reunion Becoming A Permanent Tradition

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[Posted January 12, 2015] An unknown 17th Century author first penned the words “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” The Uni Class of 1954 – the Capries – are doing something about it.

Pictured above: The Class of 1954 60-year reunion (Photo courtesy Michaela Foley)

Reunion correspondent Michaela Foley’s comprehensive review of the event is a blueprint for classes who want to get together, but haven’t found the right format or formula. The Capries made a weekend out of it. Highlights:

“On October 18, 2014, about 31 classmates and 21 guests gathered at the Crowne Plaza LAX hotel for a weekend together to celebrate ‘Our Real 60th Reunion.’ Last year, we had a great celebration of our ‘Almost 60th,’ and because it was such a success, classmates wanted to get together again this year . . . ‘with more activities and time for visiting.’

“And so we did: dinner Friday evening, our celebratory luncheon Saturday, dinner that night at a nearby Italian restaurant, brunch the next morning, and then on Sunday, a visit back to Uni, and a beautiful and nostalgic afternoon at Santa Monica Pier to complete the weekend.

“Of course, the highlights of the weekend were the luncheon and visit to Uni. The setting for the luncheon was lovely – plenty of space, yet intimate, beautiful flowers on tables of 8, nice menu choices, 50’s music in the background, and a bar in our room! Our program, once again, featured our own classmates. Each of us introduced the classmate to our right, telling where he/she currently lived, then passed the mike to them for their three-minute (with a bell to time us!) ‘chat’ about something of interest in their lives – a special trip or event, a memory of Uni, something accomplished on their ‘bucket list,’ or something yet to do. No one was bored by the comments, and almost every speaker heard the bell ring a couple times!

“About 20 of us traveled to Uni for what was to be a 1½-hour tour . . . we were there 3 hours! “We were warmly greeted by an Alumni representative, a Geometry teacher, and a former Student-Body President. What a fun and memorable afternoon. Everything looked so different, yet in some ways the same. There were impressive science rooms and labs, a large library, and the old Armory is now where the Leadership Class meets! We were sad to see that ‘Serra Springs’ are dry now.

“Lots of ‘do you remember?’ and ‘when we were here’ about our lockers, classrooms, teachers, the gym and auditorium. Our hosts were really interested in ‘how it was 60 years ago,’ especially about the traditions that made each class unique ~ our Class name, colors and emblem that were always announced at our Class Color Day production, presented at a couple of assemblies. Our hosts told us they would really appreciate any of our classmates who might have time and interest in speaking to the Leadership Class and Administration about these traditions to contact them as they are interested in building school and class spirit.

“The Reunion Committee has contacted classmates with known addresses about sending their e-mail addresses to Carla Sampson Lowe (carladlowe@aol.com) if they want to ‘stay in touch’ about future reunions. The same location – Crowne Plaza LAX – has been reserved for Oct. 17, 2015, for a similar luncheon event, and it is likely that each year there will be an opportunity to re-unite and reminisce.”

For a complete photographic retrospective of the Class of ‘54 Reunion, class friend Craig Blank created a comprehensive photo album. On to the 61-year reunion in October!


2 thoughts on “Class of ‘54 Reunion Becoming A Permanent Tradition

  1. Barbara (Pritchard) Jones

    Uni Hi is a special school that produced a group of classmates in the Summer of 1954 that have a longevity of school spirit lasting over 60 years……proof that the spirit of Uni Hi still and always will stand strong. I consider myself privileged to be a member of this very special Capries Class of Summer ’54. Go Warriors!!


  2. Edward Edwards. aka: Ed , Jug

    I quit school on my 17th birthday and spent the next 30 years in the Navy. Tamaqua is always foremost in my mind. My brother’s name, John Daniel Edwards ,is chiseled on Tamaqua’s granite memorial of fighting men who died for this great nation.


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